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Our approach

Professional Service, Quality Work and Fully Trained Staff. Our services are very reliable and we also have flexible cleaning plans available to suit your needs offering top quality cleaning services. All staff are fully vetted.

Better Cleaning Services For You.

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Sustainability Policy

Waste management

We try to reduce printing and paper use by printing on both sides of the sheet. We have reduced our use of batteries, especially those with high level of lead, mercury and cadmium. We aim to replace all cutlery and single use plastics in the office with reusable options..

Energy and Water consumption

We are actively trying to minimise the waste of electric energy in our office by switching off lights when they are not needed and turning off our computers instead of putting them to sleep after work. We use water responsibly by ordering just as much drinking water as we need and washing our plates by hand. In the majority of cases our cleaners and staff use public transport to get to work.


We give preference to suppliers with clear social responsibility and environmental statements and we purchase everything in bulk to save on packaging and unnecessary plastic. We’re looking to buy refillable containers for our cleaning materials where possible and our electric equipment is frequently serviced to reduce replacements. We try to use as much recycled paper as possible and we always encourage customers to do the same.

Our 3 Principles

Right Communication

We employ motivated people who look to impress and move up in their chosen profession. We offer and encourage staff to take advantage of our study programs to ensure their professional goals are met

Right Staff

Staff, from cleaners through to executive management, are trained to listen to your needs and ask the right questions. We use simple but effective tools from communications books through to our managers actually speaking to our clients on a regular basis.


Right Supervision Structure “Inspect what you expect”. Highly experienced supervisors and operational managers ensure cleaning staff are guided and mentored in the best cleaning methods

Right Scheduling

Good time management is critical to deliver an efficient and cost effective service which in turn helps reduce your costs.


Right Equipment and Materials Staff are armed with the best equipment and chemicals. We can ensure the chemicals we use meet the Green Seal standard and VOC rating required to comply with environmental policies.


Right Supervision Structure “Inspect what you expect”. Highly experienced supervisors and operational managers ensure cleaning staff are guided and mentored in the best cleaning methods

What Sets Us Apart:

We pride ourselves on doing excellent work, and on being dependable and honest. We choose our employees with the same care you take in selecting a cleaning service. Our employees are carefully trained in the use of cleaning products and equipment. We partner with local industry leading janitorial suppliers to provide our customers with the best commercial grade cleaning agents, supplies and equipment.

Core Client Benefits

We strive to offer high-quality cleaning services to our customers. We maintain clean and healthy workplaces using eco-friendly products and techniques.
We care about our employees and their positive contributions to achieving ongoing success.

Customized Service

We work with each of our clients to develop a customized cleaning service plan that meets their specific requirements and to create and sustain a safe and sanitary work environment. 

Quality Assurance

We are committed to maintaining high customer satisfaction through the implementation and continual monitoring of quality control measures, specialized training of personnel, and ongoing supervision and inspection of our cleaning services at all of our cleaning sites. We develop and execute a specialized inspection program at all of the facilities we clean to ensure we meet customer expectations.

Green Cleaning Focus

we recognize the importance of the health and wellbeing of our staff and for those occupying the buildings we clean. We strive to maintain a safe working environment for our customers and cleaning staff, using green cleaning products whenever possible. We also implement green cleaning methods as part of our employee training program. Wherever possible, we use safe, biodegradable cleaners that are “Green Seal Certified”. These cleaning agents allow us to do our job without adversely affecting the work environment.

Floor cleaning and polishing

Whether you are moving out, are you planning a big party or simply do not want to deal with the chore and hassle of house cleaning or even apartment cleaning. Daras Cleaning Services makes sure your house continues to feel like a home.

High and low pressure cleaning

We are committed to our customer hygiene and success, value for money and better solutions and we use modern equipment / machinery, tested and recognized chemicals / detergents for your pressurized cleaning needs.

Carpet cleaning and vacuuming

We clean that carpet covering made of thick woven fabric, a form of textile weave usually referred to as carpets that has accumulated dust and dirt of all kinds. Return your lovely carpet to brand new with our services.


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